Ornamental Rosehips

Ornamental Rose hips have been available to florists for quite some time and are increasingly popular. They are the perfect choice for the early autumn period till chrismas when Ilex (Holly) becomes popular. Through intensive breeding we can offer you a full range of varieties enabling you to supply your clients from the end of August till December. Colours range from fresh green to orange to a very deep red, depending on the moment of harvesting and the variety itself. 

Most of our roses need to be supported by poles and lines to which the stems are tied or clipped, very similar to crops like Rubus or, if you like, a vineyard, but we also have shrup-type sorts available. Harvesting is mostly done from the two year old shoots from the year before. When planted in anti-root fabric pressure from weeds can be effectively minimised. Depending on the width of the rows and the distance between the plants 3500 – 4500 plants are planted per hectare. Each plant can easily produce on average 80-100 stems depending on your pruning and fertilizing method. It is strongly advisable to plant the two sorts together. This will prolong your harvesting period and, more importantly, will ensure cross-pollination.

Highlights of our varieties:

  • Thornless or near-thornless
  • High yield: 60-200 good stems per plant
  • Good resistance against fungi
  • Hardy: we have had frosts up to -23°C (-9°F)
  • Pruning can be used to manipulate your harvest: do you want to focus on length of on quantity?
  • Prolonged harvesting period: Sanne can be harvested for at least 8 weeks
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extensive growing method: 3500-4500 plants / Hectare for rambling type, 25-30.000 for shrub varieties
  • Multiflora-type hips, 5-8mm diameter in a thick spray, colours from green/orange to deep “chocolate-red”
  • Sturdy stems, fresh green and a classy deep/dark red
  • Lengths 30-80+ cm   

A handy overview of our varieties can be found here:  Our Varieties